February 16th, 2009

New Cerberus Release

Over the past month there have been several small point releases to Cerberus, the most recent being version 0.4.4 released just last night.

The latest changes include some minor bugfixes, better RSpec support, the ability to write and use your own custom publishers, and a cron-like scheduling option for the ‘buildall’ command.

Also of important note, the official tracker for issues and bugs has been moved from RubyForge to a new Lighthouse tracker. Also, a mailing list / public forum has been setup for discussion.

As usual, you can grab the newest gem from RubyForge or download the source code at GitHub.

December 30th, 2008

Cerberus 0.4.0 Released

Cerberus 0.4.0 was officially released last night on RubyForge.

The new major features include the Twitter publisher support that I added and the Git SCM support added by Rob Kaufman. Several other minor updates and bug fixes were also included.

Cerberus is a lightweight Continuous Integration package written in Ruby. The package hadn’t been under active maintenance lately, but I hope to be able to get some new work done on the project now that I am on the development team.

December 21st, 2008

Cerberus Gets Twitter Support

Recently, I set up Cerberus for continuous integration for our internal project at Park Assist. I chose Cerberus over other CI servers like CruiseControl.rb due to its lightweight install and setup and the fact that it doesn’t need to run constantly in the background and consumes fewer resources.

Unfortunately, Cerberus doesn’t seem to still be under active maintenance as the most recently commit on the main RubyForge SVN repository was back in July of 2007. Since Cerberus was written under the MIT License, I made a copy of the repository and posted it to GitHub.

At the moment, Cerberus appeared to be missing two major features as far as I was concerned. First, no git support for an SCM and second, no Twitter support for posting build success and failure notifications.

A quick search of Github revealed that Rob Kaufman had already added git support so I went ahead and added Twitter support to Cerberus.

I plan on pulling the git support into my git repository and submitting a patch to the official Cerberus project. Hopefully the original developers are still around and willing to update the repository. If not, feel free to clone or fork my copy of Cerberus for the new features.

December 2nd, 2008

Problem With growlnotify on OS X Leopard?

Most OS X users are using or have heard about Growl, the OS X notification system. I use a growl tool called growlnotify from several different scripts to give me notification alerts during script execution. In particular, I spend quite a bit of time doing Ruby coding and using autotest.

The problem is that growlnotify doesn’t play nicely with Leopard and only actually gives notifications about 15% of the time (my rough estimation). This isn’t a show stopper for me with autotest, but it has been quite an annoyance, so I finally set out today to try and find a solution.

Fortunately, after only about 5 minutes I came across a blog post by Hans Fugal with a solution.

What I did was create a new shell script that I simply called growl with the following contents:

exec $wrappee -w "$@" &

I then moved growl to my bin directory:

mv growl /usr/local/bin

and now just use the growl command from my scripts instead of calling growlnotify directly.

November 24th, 2008

BBRuby 0.8 Release

I’ve updated and released version 0.8 of my the BBRuby library today. Go ahead and grab the latest code from GitHub.

To download the newest gem just do the usual gem install:

sudo gem install cpjolicoeur-bb-ruby --source=http://gems.github.com

For those of you who want to use the library as a rails plugin, install like normal:

./script/plugin install git://github.com/cpjolicoeur/bb-ruby.git

The new version includes updated (and corrected) README docs as well as a better test suite. Also, the :enable and :disable parameters should now be fully functional. Sorry for the issues some of you reported with the prior version.

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