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ActiveRecord Delegate Attributes

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I finally started using a pretty handy feature of ActiveRecord: delegate attributes. I first came across the delegate syntax while looking through the Mephisto codebase a while back. Mephisto has the following line in one of their models:

class Content < ActiveRecord::Base
  [:year, :month, :day].each { |m| delegate m, :to => :published_at }

I saw that delegate line and never really thought much about it. It may be easier to read the previous line as individual statements instead of the block format.

class Content < ActiveRecord::Base
  delegate :year, :to => :published_at
  delegate :month, :to => :published_at
  delegate :day, :to => :published_at

What the delegate method does is allow you to access those methods in “shortform”.

# the :to option specifies which object you want
# to access the delegated method from

# This allows you to write

# as a shortcut for

Pretty handy for certain uses. Try it out.

** UPDATE **

Updated to include link to Rails API Documentation per mooman’s comment below:



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